Office Frustrations

Here at the Office Life website we are here to document the myriad difficulties that the office worker facesevery single day. Working in close proximity with colleagues and superiors, especially in modern day open plan offices, comes with a range of problems related to the lack of privacy and the constant noise. It can actually have health repercussions, especially for people who need peace and quiet in order to get their work done. Such office frustrations can even become dangers, and so although we are happy to poke fun at office life, it also has a serious side. Send any queries you may have to our Office Life team.

Office life is a major part of your life

Business PeopleOffice life is a major part of your life as a whole. You generally spend 8 hours per day in the office, so half of your waking life. And yet many offices are dark, depressing and badly laid out. A commercial interior office design can change all of that quite quickly and easily, making your office look better for clients, and boosting the morale of your staff, as well as improving your use of space.  




Need for security in your Office

RSSD Security is a private, family owned company that has been operating since 1985, and became a limited company in 1998. During those years we have developed an efficient and responsive organisation, where ouremployees use their skills in an atmosphere full of team spirit.

We have a strong desire to ensure that for those people that know us, our name remains synonymous with quality, professionalism and integrity. Our greatest strength, lies in our commitment to our staff and their professional excellence.

We hold ourselves to higher standards, higher standards of training and accomplishment, higher standards of customer service and satisfaction. We expect the very best from all our employees because we are committed to delivering the best service and value to our customers. Many leading businesses individuals and have chosen RSSD to look after their offices.

Dealing With Office Politics - Career Skills from

There's too much wrangling and maneuvering going on. We just hate this office politicking". "Tim, well he's a smart political mover – knows exactly how to get what he wants and how to get on." Whether you hate it, admire it, practice it or avoid it, office politics is a fact of life in any organisation. And, like it or not, it's something that you need to understand and master to be sure of your own success.

NOTICE: Due to the large number of complaints from companies about staff reading this entire website when they should be working, we have removed the contents and published them in a book so you can read them on your way to and from work . This will keep your boss happy and, because it is a very good book, it will also keep you happy. Thank You.



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